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NWACC has begun its ascent to offering a seamless student and employee experience through the deployment of Workday, a cloud computing strategy for services and departments to use to better align and exchange data and applications. 

By implementing Workday, NWACC’s various systems, request forms and paper processes for major administrative business functions will be replaced with a secure, intuitive, web-based system. Workday, by design, minimizes risk and provides greater functionality and agility that supports the work of students, faculty and staff. 

The first phase of Workday – Take Flight - is scheduled to go live October 2020, so employees are encouraged to begin boarding this plane to our final destination!

By partnering with Collaborative Solutions on implementing Workday, there will be no more lost luggage or delays! NWACC’s various systems, request forms and paper processes for major administrative business functions will be replaced with a secure, intuitive, web-based system and provide real-time data and analytics.   

You’ll be able to connect to information you need, when you need it.

What Workday can do:

  • Consolidates existing systems and provides additional functionality within a single solution
  • Frees employees from processes that have been centered around how the current stack of solutions operate  
  • Uses a simple user web interface for all applications, enabling staff or students to update or access their information
  • Reduces costs and frees up resources 
  • Provides 24/7 access to information over a secure network 

First phase: Take Flight! 

With clear skies ahead, Take Flight includes a collaboration between NWACC’s Administrative Services and Collaborative Solutions to integrate a Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance system that meets critical business requirements by eliminating outdated and redundant processes and maximizing efficiency. Employees will have an opportunity to redesign and improve how their work is accomplished and reimagine how their role contributes to the college mission.  

Take Flight will mirror NWACC’s excellence in teaching, research and service, making it easier for faculty, students and staff to perform, to deliver trusted information and reduce overall costs. 

First phase includes:  

  • Human Capital Management  
  • Payroll 
  • Finance 


Examine and redesign business processes in order to increase both efficiency and alignment with NWACC’s mission: 

  • Remove the friction between intention (wanting to do something) and results (getting it done) 
  • Implement workflow automation 
  • Transform employee self-service capabilities 
  • Shift focus from action-oriented tasks to result-oriented tasks 

Collect analytics to inform decision making:

  • Provide a single version of the truth that provides a more complete and accurate picture  
  • Increase standardized knowledge flow across departments and teams while maintaining alignment and focus on NWACC’s goals 
  • Access data faster and gain meaningful and timely insights 

Create a people-centric environment:

  • Empower employees to use a tool that makes their jobs easier and creates shared learning experiences 
  • Break down silos so everyone sees their role in the bigger picture, reinforcing how important people are to NWACC’s success 
  • Exercise initiative and come together to generate results rather than merely fulfill policies or procedures 


Take Flight will create an opportunity to redesign and improve how work is accomplished, engaging everyone to reimagine how their work can contribute to the college mission by enhancing operational efficiencies and minimizing risks and costs. 

  • Students first. 
  • Look at what our systems and services should be, rather than what they are currently. 
  • Standardize and simplify; allow functional areas to create, maintain and evolve their business processes. 
  • We will establish data governance including common data definitions and owners. 
  • When in doubt, follow Workday (configured processes/existing functionality), and align NWACC to best practices. 
  • Consolidate existing systems and use Workday as a common platform for all functionality. 

Crawl. Walk. Run. We will adapt and learn together. 

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system transition/implementation is an incredibly significant, disruptive process resulting in major systemic and process changes for all organizations committed to this type of initiative.  We recognize that change invariably produces anxiety, differing opinions and the need to be open to compromise.  As we engage in this ERP transition (and post-implementation), we are committed to maintaining openness, respect for each other and the roles of project members.  We expect all team members to be open to providing and receiving constructive criticism in a civil, collaborative manner.