Workday Team | NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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 all hands team photo

Jason Degn
Executive Sponsor


Lindsay Robinson
Project Manager


Travis Bowman

Jen Gilbert

Beverly Hill

Beverly Hill and Jennifer Hood

Robin Roitz

Wendi Cadle and Robin Roitz

HCM Support

HCM Core Architect


Performance Management 


Time Tracking/Absence


Brenda Meyer
Janet O'Neill
Joe Reneau
Violet Westrick

Robin Roitz

Joe Reneau

Payroll Architect

Payroll Support

Gulizar Baggson

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis and Sandi Goodenow

Jenny Lewis and Lanie Ball

Lindsey Gilbert

Tilena Waterman

Violet Westrick

John Hixson

Theresa Collins

Finance Support

Financial Architect



Supplier Accounts

Business Assets


Budget, FDM and COA

Financial Accounting

Customer Accounts

Lynda Harvill
Heidi Migliori
Rai Starr
Lea Sutherland
Karen Walls

Brenda Meyer
Dianna K. Winters-Lewis
Todd Glass
Amanda Woods
Janet O'Neill

OC & T Architect
Change Champion Network (CCN)
OC & T Support

Amy Sagely
Michael Hyatt
Laquita Dees
Alan Kearney
Evelyn Samuel

Technical Architect
Data Conversion

 Phase II


NWACC Steering Committee Members

Jason Degn, CIO, Executive Sponsor
Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director Budgets and Treasury, Project Manager
Gulizar Baggson, Interim Vice President Finance, Finance Architect
Dr. Megan Bolinder, Dean of Workfore Development
Dr. Todd Kitchen, Vice President of Student Services
Justin White, Associate Vice President of Student Services
Diana Johnson, Associate Vice President for Learning

Collaborative Solutions Members

Executive Sponsor, Mike Leardi, National Vice President
Executive Sponsor, Jim Puthuff, Regional Vice President
Project Director, Marc Madrid
Engagement Manager, Matt Thornton