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Workday will be replacing Banner as it has become high-risk software for the college. Its technology is dated, difficult to change and integrate with, and does not provide sustainable value for NWACC. It requires a lot of maintenance and resources (time and money) to maintain stability, and continues to increase in complexity and cost but not in delivered value. This is a high-priority for NWACC because it houses important data and processes including HR, Finance, Payroll, and Student Information, impacting everyone on campus.  

Banner's architecture is at the center of a web of siloed systems. As needs across campus have grown to keep track of and access more information about constituents and to increase operational efficiencies, Banner has not kept up, and they do not indicate plans to do so. The lack of built-in modern security measures in Banner is a risk to the college, and the vendor is slow to respond to new security threats as they arise.  

By contrast, Workday is a modern, mobile-ready, stable and secure infrastructure that gives individuals easier, self-service access to information. It ensures business process consistency and data integrity. Workday builds business intelligence (advanced data analytics) into the reporting interface, and it eliminates the use of multiple systems to accomplish our core business functions. 


Workday Features



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  • Access and update personal information
  • Submit/approve time cards from your phone

User Friendly

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  • Impressive universal search
  • Modern interface


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  • Access anywhere
  • Use any device


Improved Processes

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  • Fewer data silos
  • Faster communication

Less Paper

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  • Less busywork
  • Fewer emails
  • Reduced paperwork through automation

 Flexible Reporting

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  • Reporting for experts and non-experts
  • Quick access to the data you need


Self Service

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  • Check vacation time, pay stubs and benefits 
  • Update purchases and track expenses on the go

Embedded Analytics

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  • Interactive dashboards
  • Data at your fingertips
  • Real-time reporting, trend analysis

 Cost Savings

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  • Fewer software purchases
  • Greater efficiency