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Workday Benefits & Features

Workday provides unified finance, procurement, human resources and student, faculty and staff lifecycle management cloud applications designed for the way people work in today’s organizations. A new experience is coming to NWACC — one that is modern, focused on users and streamlined with common business processes across the campus. 

NWACC will benefit from Workday’s intuitive, web-based applications with self-service and mobile capabilities. It is designed to work the way we work today and will help create a more nimble, process and data driven organization. 

Workday will assist employees with the following: 

  • Changing personal information
  • Checking and enrolling in benefits 
  • Requesting and reviewing time off 
  • Finding people in the NWACC directory 
  • Submiting expenses 
  • Generating reports 

Benefits of Workday 

Consolidate existing systems and provide additional functionality that is required to operate a NWACC campus within a single solution. 

  • Workday takes a comprehensive, modern approach to how institutions and companies operate, integrating workflow functionality and reporting into all aspects of the product. The result is less confusion on what system provides specific functionality. 

Free faculty and staff from processes that have been centered around how the current stack of solutions operate.  

  • Paper-Based Systems (justification to fill, travel reimbursements) 
  • Procurement is greatly streamlined 
  • Functionality to support the entire Human Resources lifecycle will be in Workday. This includes exciting new onboarding capabilities, self-service benefits management and evaluation tools. 

Reduce costs and free up resources to be strategic partners to the NWACC community.  

  • No costly servers to purchase, secure and maintain means more time for technical resources to work directly with end-users to solve ever evolving challenges.  
  • Because we are consolidating multiple systems into one, many of the current solutions will no longer be needed and the associated costs for licensing and supporting them will go away. 
  • Upgrades for Workday occur every six months and all handled by Workday. Because we are not performing the upgrades, we can assist in deploying the new functionality that comes with the upgrades. 

Make a more seamless experience for potential and current NWACC students.

  • While phase 1 is all about Human Capital Management, Finance and Payroll, this is considered required foundational “pre-work” for the student phase. 
  • Workday provides much needed customer relations management functionality, making managing automated communications easier and more effective for recruitment efforts. 
  • Customizable workflows for missing documents and other outstanding application items allows students to know exactly where they are at in the admissions process. Students can take actions immediately on an items from their Workday inbox. 
  • Students have 24x7 access to their information via a fully responsive web site or using the Workday app. This means we are able to accommodate personal preferences of a diverse student population.